Our Story

"To be, or not to be..."

The Brand Experience can help your brand be there...in a real space...making real connections...with real people. We can help you be there at events. We can help you be there in environments. Being is about belonging, attending and connecting. Whatever type of brand experience you need, from product launches or corporate meetings to mobile tours or executive briefing centers, we can be your creative production agency.

The Story

Our creative approach is driven by research, strategy and a strong narrative that captures an emotional and intellectual connection to our clients' brands. We believe that all projects begin with a well crafted story line. The storyline drives all of our creative work, from exhibit and graphic design to video production and fabrication. At The Brand Experience, our work doesn’t begin with bullet points and a few PowerPoint slides. It begins with words and the creativity that powers them.

Why do we write a story line?

As we formulate story lines, it’s always important to remember why they are important. A story line does not answer all the questions. It does not tell you how exactly to design an experience. A story line is a blueprint. It’s a road map. It’s an outline that keeps all of us—from the designers and producers to the client and staff—focused on what we want people to take away from the experience.

As one author put it, "An experience is holistic, total, encompassing, transforming and emotional. An experience is an event. A happening. An event-happening with a beginning, a middle and an end."

The best experiences are inspired by great stories.

Our Gallery

Check out our gallery for samples of concepts we've designed for a number of clients and/or prospective clients over the years.

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